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There are works which wait, and which one does not understand for a long time; the reason is that they bring answers to questions which have not yet been raised; for the question often arrives a terribly long time after the answer.
(Oscar Wilde)

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Landscape photography?
Meditations upon the idea of nature?
64 questions that also can be answers?
Stories of love and desire?
The Book of Changes?
So much more?

The underlying idea of the whole is the idea of change. It is related in the Analects that Confucius, standing by a river, said: «Everything flows on and on like this river, without pause, day and night.» The attention no longer focuses on transitory individual things but on the immutable, eternal law at work in all change.

The second theme fundamental to the Book of Changes is its theory of ideas. The eight trigrams are images not so much of objects as of states of change. This view is associated with the concept that every event in the visible world is the effect of an «image», that is, of an idea in the unseen world.

(Excerpts from: Richard Wilhelm, Introduction to The Book of Changes)