From the soundtrack of CONSPIRACY PROJECT I+II:

I.1) Opening Theme (3:34)
      (Credits on camera flying over Minneapolis' streets, ending in Michael's home)

I.2) Running Man (1:08)
      (Michael in panic rushing through the streets after his discovery in the office)

I.3) Dreamscape (3:29)
      (Seemingly finding some rest at Geena's place, he finally falls asleep)

I.4) Michael Wakes Up (1:05)
      (He escapes and realizes that he is the only one who can stop the conspiracy)

I.5) Waltzing Theme (2:36)
      (Michael's strange trip to Nevada, driving from frigid to torrid landscapes)

II.1) Geena Goes Shopping (2:06)
       (Doing her make-up, collecting her little things and heading for the last shopping in her life)

II.2) Suite Encounter (2:24)
       (Their last meeting in the hotel, just before the "Strangers" kill her by mistake)

II.3) Driving By Night (2:10)
       (The "Strangers" are finally looking for Michael in the streets of Vegas, while he tries to escape)

II.4) Breathing (2:49)
       (Now being part of the conspiracy, Michael learns all about his new assignment)

II.5) Leaving Minneapolis (3:27)
       (Finally leaving his home town in a desaster / end credits)