#01:    Majestic 12   (The Roswell incident and the formation of a secret government)
             2 color plates (each 32x32cm, show case),
             6 carbon papers (framed, each 40x30 cm), manual (72 pages)
             edition #6  roswell erased (camouflage) (portfolio, 45x33cm, ed. 9+1)

#04:    Area51   (Groom Lake Air Force Base)
             3 lightpanels (115x97x20cm, 115x113x20cm, 98x113x20cm),
             12 documents (each 33x48cm), manual (26 pages)

#07:    Dealey Plaza   (The assassination of president John F. Kennedy)
             28 final prints (framed, each 30x40cm, ed. 3), manual (34 pages)

#11:    Conspiracy Project I+II   (The Secret Movies)
             soundtrack (appr. 60 min), merchandizing products (mousepad, etc.),
             2 movie posters (each 44x31cm, ed.10)
             edition #4 (audio/hybrid CD, ed. 10, atelier publishers)

#17:    Cydonia Region   (Discovery and concealment of artificial structures on Mars)
             1 color plate (280x90cm), manual (14 pages)
             edition #5  Composite Satellite Images #1-5 (portfolio, 33x48cm, ed. 7+1)

#18:    SETI@home   (The search for extraterrestial intelligence)
             formation of the conspiracy project team at berkeley university

#19:    Echelon   (1984 - global surveillance in the digital age)
             a) RemoteReading / Room (variable installation)
             b) Infospace (texts and documents, telephone with monitor warning)
             c) Trigger Words (ongoing chain email project)