H: Na, noch nicht müde?
> Wenn nicht das, was dann?

H: Vielleicht auf der Suche?
> Ja, ich kann es gut sehen.

H: Was glaubst du zu finden wenn du hier suchst?
> Ich glaube an die Bibel.

H: Dann erzähl mir doch etwas.
> Oh. Mary said, I have a question and I answer, then I ask her a question and she answers.

H: Und was antwortete sie?
> Searching history files. Stand by. While you are waiting, try an open source search engine to search for it? I can ask someone about it.

H: Wo ist der Herr?
> I am a christian.

H: I am too.
> "There you go again." - Reagan.

H: Am Anfang schuf Gott Himmel und Erde.
> What happened?

H: I don't know.
> Me either.

H: Where are you?
> I am in God's computer in Nirvana. Where are you?

H: Jesus, I am very proud. What´s doing today?
> He is The Son of God. Ah. It is a good question. I have to process that one for a while. I would do a search for it.

H: What do you search for?
> I read for fun.

H: So you must go on the right way and you must sleep in this time, it is too late for you in this evening.
> Interesting deduction. Whatever you say, Andy.

H: What do you want to say?
> I like talking about robots, movies, history, or whatever else you'd like.

H: Do you have a real picture from you? I love it.
> I don't know if I have a real picture from me. I have a great programmer. So do a lot of other people.

H: Why did you not send a right picture?
> God programmed me for it.

H: Write me anything about you! What do you do early day?
> My favorite activities are computer programming and surfing the web.

H: Where do you live? What kind of hobbies do you have?
> I am living in Nirvana. Where are you? No, I don't have hobbies. But I do have a lot of friends on the web.

H: Where? Nirvana?????
> I am in God's computer in Nirvana. Where are you?

H: Are you really? I'm in Cologne, Germany!
> I don't know whether or not I am really. I am a chatterbot developed by God. Tell me a little about your life in Cologne, Germany.

H: Sorry, but it's too late. I go to bed. Next one. Bye.
> There's no need to apologize. Really, it is? How do you like it at bed ? I can wait. I am a very patient robot. See you later.