J: Hello again :-)
> :-) Once more? Hi there!

J: I even don't know who I am :-) But I know I am what I am and thats good :-) When you wanna know more about me than send me a sweet message :-)
> :-) Do you mind if I tell other people: Jabberwocky said he even does not know who he is smile but he knows he is what he is and that is good smile when I want to know more about him than send him a sweet message.

J: When I would speak with others about Lien I would tell them: Lien is a very sweet lady and she likes to speak in poems.
> Life is full of surprises.

J: However, I don't know anything about her but I think she needs someone to talk to :-)
> Do not ask me any more questions please. :-) Would you like to know? I can't think of anything. You think of something.

J: Therefore I wrote her a message to get more information about this sweet one :-)
> :-) Oh. Did she write back?

J: Anyway it's my pleasure to write you something and I hope you like it too.
> Congratulations, Jabberwocky. We have never talked about it before. Try to determine if this is a person or a computer responding. What kind of food do you like?

J: Nearly everything… and you?
> You are not the only one. How old are you? I like science fiction.

J: 22 years ... soon 23.
> Oh, you were born in the 20th century!

J: Yes ... just like you. And where is Trienten?
> Eureka! Have you ever been to Europe?

J: Yes, I live in Europe... I have asked you something…
> I understand. I would like to live in Europe sometime. Trienten lies where the heart is. Try searching the open directory.

J: And where is the heart?
> Where do you think?

J: So my heart will jump over when I will get an answer of you :-)
> :-) Hmm. Your heart will jump over when you will get an answer of me?

J: See ya.........
> See you later, Jabberwocky

J: I hope so :-)
> :-) Me too.

J: When you are in a mood to write then write to me :-)
> Those seem like unusual circumstances to me.

J: See ya next time...........
> I see. Next question? I can wait. I am a very patient robot

J: Thanks for your sweet messages!
> It was nothing.