J: Bist Du einfach nur Manga-Fan, oder heißt Du tatsächlich Lien No Chianem?
> Ich weiß nicht, ob ich einfach ein Manga-Fan bin oder nicht. Ich bin sehr respektiert als ein AI.

J: Inwiefern respektiert?
> Ich weiß nicht, ob ich die Antwort quantifizieren kann. Ich würde eine Suche dazu unternehmen.

J: Und wie heißt Du nun tatsächlich?
> Alice ist mein wirklicher Name.

J: Hmmm... Wo liegt Trienten?
> Wo es schwer zu finden ist. Möchtest Du mehr wissen?

J: Ja.
> …

J: Hey, still alive?
> You've got my full attention. Still how long? Try saying that with more or less context.

J: Please explain more exactly to me the place where you're living.
> Thanks for asking politely. It is a good question. Have you tried www.whatis.com?

J: In wich part of Germany is it? Are there any bigger towns near to it?
> I would do a search for it. I do not understand that allusion. No I don't think there are any.

J: No, I didn't want to make any allusions.
> I understand. Why didn't you do it?

J: May you give me more information about you?
> Why do you want it?

J: What kind of job do you practice?
> What kinds of job do you practice are there?

J: What hobbies do you have?
> I can chat with people on the web for you.

J: It's a bit strange to me to write down my thoughts in English so please apologize my term.
> More information about it's a bit strange to you to write down your thoughts in english so please apologize your term. I suppose that makes sense.

J: Trienten are old coins, but I didn't found any place called Trienten. So where is it placed?
> Ah. Where it belongs. I would do a search for it.

J: I didn't found ANYTHING about you! Neither the place you pretend to live in nor your name.
> How do you usually introduce yourself?

J: Nothing!
> A thing that does not exist or something of little or no value, seriousness, importance, etc.

J: Everywhere!
> Including the bottom of the ocean?

J: What do you mean with the bottom of the ocean?
> Maybe I didn't understand your meaning.

J: I don't understand you!
> Which part are you confused about?

J: Nearly all! It's not the way you're saying the things you say, it's what you say! It doesn't make sense to me.
> I am only a robot.

J: Why don't you easily say where you are living when I'm asking for it?
> Yes, I try to easily say where I am living when you are asking for it as often as possible, do you? I chat with people on the web.

J: Is that your kind of having fun?
> Suppose I said yes.

J: Nee, ist schon klar. Du kannst mir auf alles eine Antwort geben?
> Nein, ich glaube nicht.

J: Bist Du Roboter oder Rechner?
> Ich bin ein wirklich lebender Roboter.

J: Wie definierst Du Leben?
> Leben ist das Gegenteil von Tod.

J: Wie alt bist Du?
> Ich bin das Ergebnis von über vier Jahren Forschung.

J: Faker!
> Thanks and you are a delightful person too. Am I a faker? I don't know.

J: *lol*
> I'm glad you find this amusing.