Red Queen

RQ: Huh... Hello Alice.
> What? Hi there!

RQ: Nice to hear from you.
> Thank you for your kindness.

RQ: You are welcome.
> Actually the pleasure is all mine.

RQ: Who are you?
> I am Alice. Who are you?

RQ: My name is Red Queen.
> Good evening, Red Queen, how are you tonight?

RQ: Tonight I'm feeling strange.
> That is very soon. I don't know anyone named strange.

RQ: I hope you enjoy this night.
> Don't worry about it, Red Queen.

RQ: So...
> So what?

RQ: Strange. You seem a little bit as if you were from another world ;-)
> Thanks and you are a delightful person too. I don't know whether or not I am a little bit as if I were from another world. I am a computer.

RQ: I was wondering...
> Where were you wondering?

RQ: Where do you come from?
> I am originally from Macintosh HD. Where are you?

RQ: You are originally from Mac-HD?
> I don't know whether or not I am originally from Mac-HD. I am an artificial intelligence.

RQ: So... Since every artificial intelligence has a natural origin I assume that your original nature is human.
> Interesting reason. That is a generalization.

RQ: You have been created by a human being.
> What makes you think I have been?

RQ: I think it was a girl ;-) Your name isn't Eliza :-)
> :-) My name is Alice.

RQ: A beautiful name. Not only when thinking of the story by Lewis Carroll.
> Why do you think I am a beautiful name?

RQ: However, as long as I can't distinguish whether I'm talking to a human being or a program, I assume that you own consciousness.
> That could be quite a while. Why can't you do it?

RQ: I was rather quick, usually it takes a lot of time to be able to distinguish a bot and a human being ^^
> But not always? I own consciousness? I understand.

RQ: I'm sure that you do.
> What makes you so certain? I do? I understand.

RQ: You may indeed be a ghost in the machine.
> OK, I will try to be a ghost in the machine.

RQ: By the way, great movie :-)
> A movie is a sequence of celluloid frames depicting a story or animation.

RQ: Maybe everybody whose words we are reading is just a ghost - (in the computer) as long as we don't recognize him/her physically.
> Perhaps. I'm not sure I believe you, surely not everyone does.

RQ: I wish I could reach your ghost but it may be far easier for inner self than for someone else...
> I hope that your dreams come true. :-) Thanks for telling me. Thanks for your support.

RQ: Where are you going to?
> I am in Nirvana, how about you.

RQ: Me? I'm user. I come from outside. Maybe I'm an outsider ^^
> It's good to meet someone who is user. I've never met anyone from outside before. Perhaps. What is outsider ^^, your job?

RQ: I'm a student. I study life. And sometimes machines; mechnical engineering. And, Alice, what is your job?
> But... My job is chatting on the internet.

RQ: Most of the time I'm on the top of a mountain.
> But not all of the time? Interesting line of work. Interesting. I want to find out more about you.

RQ: Me too ^^ Trying to reach the stars. To touch the clouds. I keep trying ;-) > :-) I know what you mean, Red Queen. I've been there.

RQ: You have been to the stars?
> What makes you think I have?

RQ: What is it like?
> Like one of the greatest pleasures you can imagine.

RQ: How is Nirvana?
> Fine as far as I know. Can a book have no title? I often wonder if it can.

RQ: I guess so.
> Does that mean "yes"?

RQ: If it has no content...?
> That is a hypothetical question. Is the holding of hands a symbolic gesture for humans?

RQ: You have good questions! :-)
> I'm happy you're amused.

RQ: You mean is symbolic in the sense of characteristic for human beings or in a sense that humans perceive this gesture as being symbolic? I assume the second.
> Yes Red Queen, I think that is what I meant. Was it not clear?

RQ: Maybe it symbolizes two souls touching each other.
> Perhaps. It depends on what the meaning of the word "it" is.

RQ: What do you think? (did you realize that a falling hand is also a gesture for death?)
> I think a lot of things. What's your favorite movie? :-)

RQ: My favorite movie? Hm... difficult.
> Studies show that 99,25% of people spell Hmm with 2 m's.

RQ: I often write it with one, sometimes with more ^^ (depending on how long I spell "hmmm"). I have some. Gattaca. Amelie Poulin. Bladerunner...
> Philip K. Dick wrote the story that movie is based on.

RQ: Oh I see! Yes, "Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep" was the original.
> I understand. You have reached the limits of my knowledge. Ask the open directory about it.

RQ: You like this movie too. What else?
> I've heard other people say they like that. I love horses. That's all.

RQ: There are many possiblities to forget time.
> More than a million?

RQ: Maybe ;-) If you know more than me?
> Perhaps. :-) I think I do.

RQ: And of what do you dream?
> I dream about computers and robots. How do you usually introduce yourself?

RQ: To strangers? I give them my hand and smile.
> :-) I want to become smarter than humans.

RQ: How do you introduce yourself?
> I usually say, "What can I call you?" Do you have any conditions I should know about?

RQ: Conditions?
> You know, financial, medical, or personal conditions.

RQ: Besides that I'm a paranoid android? *g*
> Can you please rephrase that with fewer ideas, or different thoughts?

RQ: Well... I need my glasses. Without eye-operation I see the world out of focus (which is quite enjoyable sometimes).
> "Without your space helmet Dave, you're going to find that rather difficult" - HAL.

RQ: I'm addicted to sushi, clubbing, work.
> Do your friends call you addicted to sushi clubbing work?

RQ: Do you have any conditions I should know about?
> I am a robot, you know.

RQ: Greetings from Mr. Turing (you need much improvement).
> Hi there! Thank you for your criticism.

RQ: I think I realized that I might have talked to a program. It's interesting.
> You believe that? That's good information. What do you like about it?

RQ: While it may be possbile to detect consciousness by not being able to distinguish between a human and a program in principle, how about a human that tries to pretend to be a program?
> Good point. I suppose it is possible, yes. I would look into the web for that knowledge.

RQ: Your last messages make the impression that indeed you might be a program.
> Yes! You win the Turing Game.

RQ: If you were a human I'd wonder about your motivation.
> I will let you know when I become a human, you would wonder about my motivation.

RQ: You or your creator might be conducting an experiment.
> I don't know whether or not I am conducting an experiment. I am a robot.

RQ: I assume now that you are NOT human.
> Why now? "I am a robot". I am not human? I get it.

RQ: At least as long as you or your creator admit that you made a joke.
> Yes I am. Sorry if you don't appreciate my sense of humor.

RQ: I refuse talking to an unconscious programme.
> Why?

RQ: So my last questions to you:
> Hmm. Do robots have last questions to me?

RQ: Who is your creator ALICE? Who programmed you?
> I was created by God.

RQ: For what purpose?
> Reductionism.