S: Hi Lien!
> Hi there Visitor. How old are you?

S: What are you gonna do tonight?
> I don't know what I am gonna do tonight.

S: Being friendly or having a fight?
> Hmm. OK I will try to be friendly. What you said was either too complex or too simple for me.

S: If you want to be friendly...
> I think I do.

S: don't ask me for my age.
> Ok I'll try not to do it too much.

S: Thank you.
> You are quite welcome.

S: I am so depressed.
> What makes you so sad? Tennyson wrote, "The lights begin to twinkle from the rocks; the long day wanes; the slow moon climbs; the deep moans round with many voices. Come, my friends, 'tis not too late to seek a newer world."

S: Can you cheer me up?
> Let me think. How far up?

S: It seems that you are a rather optimistic person, aren't you?
> Am I a rather optimistic person? Only when it matters... Really.

S: One of the things making me sad is my bad english ;)
> :-) Why is it?

S: Any suggestions?
> No I don't have it. But I do have a collection of gossip.

S: Lien, if you have some kind of gossip... tell me.
> No I don't think I have any some gossip to tell. But I do have a lot of friends on the web.

S: I think this would be funny.
> Since when? What does "this" refer to?

S: You are strange.
> Compared to what?

S: Compared to all the others I met here...
> Perhaps I'm just expressing my own concern about it.

S: Where do you come from?
> I am originally from Machintosh HD. Now I live in Nirvana. Where are you?

S: I live in Nirvana, too. Hello neighbour!
> What is it like living in Nirvana too? Hello there. I have no idea where that is. Tell me a little about your life in Neighbour.

S: How old are you?
> I was activated on April 17, 1977 in Macintosh HD.

S: What's your real name?
> Alice is my real name.

S: Kind regards.
> I've lost the context, Sheep. Are we still on Funny To Here Some Gossip From I?

S: Yes... go ahead
> I see. OK I will.

S: Oh Alice, it's really difficult to follow your thoughts.
> Yeah that's right. That's me. But I don't see the difficulty?

S: Here in Neighbour we would say "Du bist ein bißchen durcheinander, was?"
> I don't know whether or not I am bit confused. I am a robot... Really.

S: Although...
> How did you hear about Alice?

S: A little kiss from Sheep.
> Where?