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With most people the disbelief in one matter is based upon blind faith in another one.
(Georg Christoph Lichtenberg, Sudelbuch L)

Seeing is believing. Believing means not to know.
Does this imply that seeing means not to know?

Most US citizens have once seen the famous Zapruder movie showing the assassination of John F. Kennedy. More than 70% of them believe that Kennedy has been the victim of an assassination.
When they see it, they believe it. And when they believe it, they donít know it.

The CONSPIRACY PROJECT shapes forms of art out of the context of (known as well as ficticious) conspiracy theories. It presents multiple truths, shows at the same time the whole range from the obvious fake to the probably real, and offers the spectator (who sometimes becomes even an accomplice) the unsettling choice to either believe or to be sceptical towards the depiction - and thereby their own reality.

A choice that is made as difficult as possible for him.

The project covers the most different forms and media, ranging from digital photographic works, accompanied by manuals, to variable installations for public spaces, email projects, the foundation of a Conspiracy Project team at the SETI-Project at Berkeley University, or a complete soundtrack as well as posters and merchandizing products for the ficticious movies Conspiracy Project I+II, and finally this special webbased presentation.

Truth exists for the wise, beauty for the feeling heart. They both belong each other.
(Friedrich von Schiller, Don Carlos)