I.1 Opening Theme
(Credits on camera flying over Minneapolis' streets, ending in Michael's home)

I.2 Running Man
(Michael in panic rushing through the streets after his discovery in the office)

I.3 Dreamscape
(Seemingly finding some rest at Geena's place, he finally falls asleep)

I.4 Michael Wakes Up
(He escapes and realizes that he is the only one who can stop the conspiracy)

I.5 Waltzing Theme
(Michael's strange trip to Nevada, driving from frigid to torrid landscapes)

II.1 Geena Goes Shopping
(Doing her make-up, collecting her little things and heading for the last shopping in her life)

II.2 Suite Encounter
(Their last meeting in the hotel, just before the "Strangers" kill her by mistake)

II.3 Driving By Night
(The "Strangers" are finally looking for Michael in the streets of Vegas, while he tries to escape)

II.4 Breathing
(Now being part of the conspiracy, Michael learns all about his new assignment)

II.5 Leaving Minneapolis
(Finally leaving his home town in a desaster / end credits)

Soundtrack zu den fiktiven Filmen The Conspiracy Project I+II
aus der Werkgruppe XIX.11: The Conspiracy Project